Missions of California Educational Projects
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Bring your mission to life!

Each of the 21 California missions had its own character and scenery. Eager to make your project a standout success? Add Missions of California Educational Projects accessories and bring it to realistic life!

Fifty different pieces are available: figures of monks, Spanish soldiers and Native Americans; trees, shrubs and stalks of corn; wheelbarrows, water fountains and wishing wells; cannons, cactus plants and clay pots.

Use an almost unlimited amount of diorama-like detail to make your mission a masterpiece. It's fun, easy and inexpensive!

Santa Barbara Mission Kit

PictureStock #DescriptionPrice 
HCAY9225Barrels Wood
HCAY9231Bells 15mm Silver (4)
HCAY9234Bells 26mm Silver (2)
HCAY9243Bells 15mm Gold (4)
HCAY9250Bell Mounting
HCAY9270Wood Bowls (6)
HCAY9331Cactus (2)
HCAY9341Clay Pots (3)
HCAY9349Corn Stalks (2)
HCAY9377Cross: Gold
HCAY9382Cross: Twig (2)
HCAY9401Doves (6)
HCAY9451Farm Animals (7)
HCAY9456Farm People (5)
HCAY9461Fence (4)
HCAY9462Rustic Fence (2)
HCAY9480Grapevine Arbor
HCAY9481Flour and Salt Sacks
HCAY9485Cemetery Kit (6)
HCAY9495Grass Mat (15x24)
HCAY9502Ground Cover: Brown
HCAY9503Ground Cover: Tan
HCAY9512Ground Cover: Green
HCAY9530Ground Cover: Green Bushes
HCAY9531Ground Cover: Tumbleweed
HCAY9576Indian Female
HCAY9581Indian Male
HCAY9629Landscape Rocks
HCAY9641Monk with Doves
HCAY9642Monk with Child
HCAY9681Tree: Large Palm
HCAY9701Adobe Tile Roofing
HCAY9760Spanish Soldier
HCAY9781Straw Bale
HCAY9803Tree: Fir
HCAY9804Tree: Evergreen (6)
HCAY9805Tree: Evergreen 3-4" (2)
HCAY9807Tree: Green Shade 3-4" (2)
HCAY9808Tree: Orange 3" (2)
HCAY9809Tree: Poplar
HCAY9810Broken Terracotta
HCAY9812River Rock Large
HCAY9813Desert Stone
HCAY9814Flowering Hedges
HCAY9851Water Fountain
HCAY9871Wishing Well
HCAY9882Adobe Brick Pattern Mat
HCAY9884Garden Plants (5)
HCAY9885Statue Alcove
 HCAY9903Spanish Tile Mat
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